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  • Nov 23 Wed 2005 18:18
  • A Seat

A Seat            Jon

Sitting, alone, on the bridge,
My body felt the gray breeze
Delievering the cold message
Which freezes my pumping.

Falling in the air, the leaves,
With which my heart leaves
an empty body and weaves

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Searching Journey
The ride in the night may be dark and cold.
On the back of my horse I shall not fear.
Owls and trees may be wicked and weird,
But the courage from my desire at my rear.

The tide in the storm may swoop off my board.
On the deck of my ship I will make a dare.
Winds and waves may cut my roband,
For the desire from my heart I will not care.

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Request: What do you think young adults could do to improve the international relationship of Taiwan? 
   Some people think that young adults like us have no enough power to change the international state of Taiwan. To be honest, I strongly disagree on this statement; instead of underestimating the abilities of young adults, being part of them, I consider us the key to harmonious international diplomacy. There are many means we can take to improve the international relation with other countries, and I shall here explore some of them. Following are my statements from the international etiquette, making use of the Internet and taking part in world competitions.
In the first place, I am of the opinion that international interaction is the foundation stone of international relationship, and the international interaction is built on international etiquette, which is based on traditions and cultures of each nation. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Visiting other countries, we have many rules to follow. Speaking of this subject, there is an amusing example. Touring in Europe, many people drink a dish of water before having a feast. The water they drank, however, was prepared for washing their fingers! The fact is that when we are abroad, we will be the representation of our citizens, and our behavior, good or bad, show the world our level. Imagine you meet a group of foreigners from a country that you are not familiar with, and these foreigners are polite, intelligent, considerate and friendly, I think you like their country, won’t you? Therefore, we must follow the rules and cut a fine figure in front of the world.
Aside from the etiquette, there is something else we should learn before going abroad. That is, information about the country you are going to. In my view, learning information about one’s country is a good way to show your respect. It means you really cares about their countries, rather than just jump onto planes and go to their place, fooling around, just for shopping or sightseeing. Generally speaking, people will appreciate for the efforts you have made.
Many people would claim that they do not have any chance to go abroad. Well, at least most of us have access to the world with the help of the Internet. No one can overlook that the Internet is the most familiar thing to our generation. In fact, thanks to the Internet, we have much more ways to familiarize Taiwan to the world. For instance, setting up websites or forums, which focus on Taiwan, will be a good try. Outstanding websites allow us to introduce Taiwan by the forms of text, images and videos. Many of these websites even prepared multi-language versions for foreigners who can not read Chinese. Setting up such a website is not a difficult task. The potential of them, however, is unable to estimate. A successful website can receive thousands of visits a day without huge promotion. The website itself is the best promotion. Besides, another great chance lies in on-line chatting. While many people consider on-line chat is meaningless, but they ignored that when chatting with foreign web pals, we are also interacting with the world. Our nations will be mentioned, more or less. Take myself for example, I have web pals from Canada, America, England, Korea and Japan. We have talked about the environment of Canada, the freedom of America, the grace of England, the prosperity of Korea and Japan and, of course, the beauty of Taiwan. As a result, they all become crazy about Taiwan. The truth is, to many Westerners, Asia is mysterious and interesting. They are curious about Taiwan. Our unique culture attracts them. However, before telling them what Taiwan is like, we must know ourselves first. That is to say, we must learn and keep our unique customs and traditions, so that we can make complete introductions to the world.
Another way we can highlight Taiwan on the world map and elevate our international position requires much more efforts. That is to take part in world competitions. Remember in August, 2004, two historical gold medals were brought back from Athens, the Olympic Games. The two medals of “Tae-Kwon-Do” have not only brought the whole island into a mania, but also earned us the 31st place out of 202 participating delegations. It was a glory triumph. Indeed, not everybody could be the medalist, but this is not to say that everybody could not be the medalist. As long as we keep enhancing ourselves in any good aspect, we will one day be able to compete with other countries on behalf of Taiwan on the world stage. With good competition and well-performance, I am sure that we can promote Taiwan well.

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  • Apr 11 Mon 2005 22:32
  • Letter

Request: Write a letter to your foreign friend and discuss about “The Six Day,” and your friend is coming to Taiwan, tell him/her how will you guide their journey in Taiwan.

Dear Viola,
Greetings from Taiwan! How have you been recently? Are you still goes in for science-fiction films? I have seen a movie that you might be interested. Remember “The Sixth Day?” The movie concerns cloning technologies? My English teacher had me saw it again few days ago. Unlike the first time I watched it, after judging so many movies, I could easily find many questions in the movie. However, if it was not an action hero movie, the script is not so bad. That is to say, unreasonable perfection has made this movie imperfect.
By the way, is it true that you are coming here from Korea next February? That would be our vacation for New Year Festival. I hope you can come to experience our New Year Festival in Taiwan. You will be treating as part of my family for sure.
Afterward, my friend, Winston, will provide a place to live in Taipei. Our transportation will be his car. To my expectation, he will take us tour around North and East Taiwan. For these days, our schedule will be filled with both cities and countries. First of all, shopping in Taipei, we will experience the trends in Taiwan, and I know you love it. Next, we will spend some time in Cheu-Fen. I wonder if you remember the story about Cheu-Fen I told you before? The village was once so remote that only nine families settled in. That is what Cheu-Fen in Chinese means, nine families. However, when building a bridge there, workers explored a gold mine unexpectedly. Soon after, countless people poured into the small town with the Chinese version of “American dream of gold.” Nevertheless, the gold was finally run out one day, and the gold rushers ran out, too, leaving only empty houses behind.
The gold rush might be end. However, our journey will continue. Approaching the Nest Coast of Taiwan, you will surely be impressed by the scenery. The sharp steeps and natural sculptures, including the famous Queen’s Head Rock, are really breath-taking natural masterpieces. Along the coast, scenery is endless. I know that you love the ocean and wind as I do, so I can assure you that the journey to East coast will not let you down.
In the end, we will go back to Taipei, and visit the Fisher Port, which is one of the most popular places famous for its sunsets. The next day, we will spare some time parading in In-go, which means the song of oriole in Chinese, where produces great ceramics. These ceramics put the place on the world map, and will put some souvenir in your bags, too. Then, we will take you to the CKS international airport, puts an end to our journey. I really expect your visit and our journey.

Sincerely yours,

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My favorite season
Among the four changing seasons, autumn is my favorite. One might like spring for its fertilization, summer for its energy or winter for its serenity. As for me, I like autumn for its idyll. It is a time when easy breeze traveling here and there. The temperature is neither hot nor cold. It would be as comfortable as you can imagine. Greeting with gentle wind, I felt as if I am an angel with wings.
Autumn is also a lovely season for its unique scenery. It is in autumn that living can be as wonderful as I dreamed. Red or brown, falling leaves are slowly dancing in the air with the considerate wind, drawing lively pictures. Little streaks singing ditties for the dance when squirrels jumping up and down for pleasure. It seems like an opera of nature is putting on stage. That is what makes me love autumn. In my view, autumn just can’t be beat.

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My School
My school has a long history and new views. National Maio-Li Senior High School always encourages students to strive continuously for their goal. We don’t have the largest field. In fact, we are the only national school in Taiwan that has no playground. However, our space is substantial. Even after two years of studying here, I will still be impacted by the new structure of our school. It is a huge red building, which looks like a giant box.
Entering the front door, you will feel a mild studying atmosphere. Greeting with our students, I am sure that you will find confidence and energy on their faces. When the exam comes, the whole school becomes tense and hard-studying. However, we can also be wild when activities are held. Above all, I believe that every student here can gain very much knowledge and have three years of wonderful time as I do.

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Request: Tell us about the popularity of Feng Shui in the West and introduce it.
Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the Eastern traditional art of reaching harmony between human and nature, is getting popular in the West. In the past, the five-thousand-year skill was usually considered to be one of the Eastern myths, which have no any scientific foundation. Nowadays, the facts told us, more and more Westerners is getting identify with such an old myth.
Essentially, Feng Shui is a theorized arranging technique, which is beyond western science. It could be described as the sum of safety, light arrangement, comforting and decorating. In other words, it is a skill of all aspects.
Recently, Feng Shui has been discussing and following throughout the world. Steven Spielberg, one of the best directors in Hollywood, has provided a good example. He had announced his belief in Eastern myths in public. There are also some powerful examples offered by big companies like Coca-Cola and Shell. To sum up, Feng Shui is now still a hot cake. It has been lasting for thousands of years and does not seem to cool down soon.

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Request: Describe your dream house in the first paragraph, and describe how you came up with this idea in the second paragraph.

A Dream House

Located in a coast, my house would be a huge castle which looks like the ancient ones for the nobles. Decorated with the colorful windows, the house attracts you from the distance. People would definitely want to explore it as they see it. Entering the castle, you will find out that each room has its unique design and purpose. It owns both the old times and the latest trend. What is more, the house provides almost everything you can imagine. Be ware, you may never think of going home after you arrived at my place.
This idea of ultimate castle was given birth by my traveling experiences and my home. In fact, most of its skeleton was based on the Hearst castle, which is one of the most wonderful places I have been to. For the rest of the house, I use my imagination and my home as replacement. After all, be it so humble, there is no place like home.

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Everybody hurts        R.E.M.

When the day is long
And the night, the night is yours alone
When you're sure you've had enough of this life
Well hang on
Don't let yourself go
'cause everybody cries
And everybody hurts

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Angels don't cry ...
Did you see the joy ?
Yes, you made it right ...
to smile and fly ...

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